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Disgruntled Capitals Fan Is Like The Sean Penn Of NHL Rubes

To be fair, I probably wouldn’t have been too happy either after plunking down a bunch of money for  a ticket only to watch the home team – the top-seeded Washington Capitals in this particular instance – crap the bed and lose in heartbreaking fashion, 3-2 in overtime, to the Montreal Canadiens. The Caps are now down 1-0 in their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series to the Habs, the No. 8 seed. It must be especially frustrating to not only those who are camera averse, but to Caps  fans everywhere after Alexander Ovechkin did not register a single, ever-loving shot for the entire game. That’s brutal.

So brutal, in fact, that one guy in the crowd didn’t take to kindly to the camera squarely focused upon him and broadcasting his anger to the entire television viewing public, and made it abundantly clear by swearing at the camera and then standing up for some more frustration-based histrionics.  Something tells me this guy, much like his hostile mentor Sean Penn, would have a hard time avoiding confrontation with the paparazzi if he were ever to become a big Hollywood star.

Video after the jump.

Hi-larious. I especially love his fake mooning of the camera at the end. Randy Moss would have been proud. Joe Buck, on the other hand, would have of course been disgusted by the act.

At least my buddies over at Four Habs Fans are living it up right now. Enjoy it while it lasts, fellas. Your beloved squad might have just awoken an unfrozen caveman hockey player from his glacial slumber.

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