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‘Tiger Trick’ Jaimee Grubbs Put In Handcuffs, But Not In A Sexy Way

Or maybe Grubbs considered her arrest in West Hollywood Wednesday night slightly erotic. At least it is keeping her name out there, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Grubbs was handcuffed and taken downtown to Chinatown after police pulled her over and discovered she had three outstanding warrants. Oops.


The cocktail waitress was driving a 2004 Ford Mustang when she was stopped by West Hollywood sheriff’s deputies in the 1300 block of Crescent Heights Boulevard Wednesday evening because there was a warrant return on her car’s license plate.

She had three outstanding warrants, deputies said. They included: a $26,000 warrant out of Beverly Hills Court for driving on a suspended license; a $2,500 warrant out of Beverly Hills Court for driving on a suspended license; and a $1,809 warrant out of West Los Angeles Court for driving on a suspended license.

A 2004 Ford Mustang? What, did she just graduate from high school or something? Grubbs needs to sharpen her Sugar Daddy-attracting skills if the best ride she can get is an ’04 Mustang.

Grubbs was released early Thursday morning after posting bail, set at $30,309. I suppose the only reason anyone gives a rat’s ass that she got nailed by the fuzz was that she was supposedly nailing Tiger Woods, but I would recommend Grubbs find a better way to stay in the spotlight than driving around with warrants hanging over her head. She should strike while the iron is hot and make a sex tape toot sweet, for crying out loud. You only get one crack at infamous notoriety, might as well make the most of it.

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