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Conveniently, NCAA Bans Eye Black Messages After Tim Tebow Leaves College

Among several rules changes for next season, the NCAA has decreed that players will not be allowed to display messages on their eye black anymore, waiting just long enough to enact the rule that should have been enforced for years now.

What a miraculous bit of timing by the NCAA – a blessing really, to borrow a term Tebow frequently employs ad nauseum – waiting to ban eye black messages until Tebow moved on to the pro ranks. I suppose it was in the NCAA’s best interest to delay the banning, lest they upset the devout followers of Tebowanity, and we all know that’s never a good idea. My only question is how are Florida fans going to know what Bible verse to read every Saturday without Tebow spreading the Good Word to them? Ah, who am I kidding? Florida fans can’t read anyway.

NCAA bans wedge blocks, eye black with messages [AP]
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