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Canucks Coach Has Little Interest In How Much His Players Are Screwing

Look, guys! Sluts!

Hockey coaches – as well as players – are a suspicious lot, especially when it comes to preparation and routines during the playoffs. As the Canucks begin their first round series with the Los Angeles Kings tonight, Vancouver head coach Alain Vigneault might be bit of a control freak, but it appears he will not do what other coaches in other sports have been known to do before a big game or playoff series and resort to instituting draconian policies in order to control every waking moment of his players’ lives. Especially when it comes to their sex lives.

During an interview session after practice Wednesday, the health reporter for the Vancouver Sun began peppering Vigneault with questions about the sexual routines of players.

From the Vancouver Sun:

“Coach, what are your expectations, and in fact your advice to players, with respect to daily health routines whether it is sleep, eating habits, training, recovery, diet, sex, you know all the normal things people do every day?” was the question posed to Vigneault.

“Sex every day?” he responded, with an incredulous expression, drawing extended laughs from journalists present.

“I think for all the other things, before the sex, we do a real good job making sure of the conditioning and nutrition and in my time here, we’ve had a sleep (expert) individual so everything we can control, that we should control, we do. And I believe that’s probably one of the reasons this year why our record in the third period has been so solid and so strong.

“As far as the sex goes, that’s none of my business, they can do what they want. I like to have a lot of control but (not) that part there,” Vigneault said.

I can understand where he’s coming from. What the players do on their own time – as long as it doesn’t interfere with their level of preparedness – should not be an issue. And who would want to know what sort of creepy and perverse stuff the Sedin twins are into anyway? I’d prefer to leave that sleeping dog lie as well. Which, incidentally, is not what the Sedin twins choose to do in the privacy of their home – let the sleeping dog lie, that is. Hence, the creepy sexual stuff I alluded to previously.

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