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More Like ‘No Fan’ Yards, Amirite?

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A paltry 9,129 fans bothered to show up Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore to watch the city’s once-beloved Orioles lose 5-1 to the Tampa Bay Rays, the first time a crowd numbered in only four figures in the ballpark’s 18-year history. Longtime Baltimore sportswriter Peter Schmuck cites many compelling reasons why the attendance at Orioles games has been precipitously dropping for years now, perhaps the most head-scratching of them all is how the Orioles charge more when purchasing tickets the same day of the game.

It’s also fair to ask whether the Orioles shot themselves in the foot with their new policy this year of charging more for game-day tickets to encourage fans to buy their seats in advance. [Orioles director of communications Greg] Bader does not believe, however, that the small turnout Monday night had anything to with the $1-$5 surcharge the Orioles have imposed on tickets that are sold on the day of the game.

“I do not,” he said Tuesday afternoon. “We had very large walk-up crowds on Saturday and Sunday. There have been no complaints from fans. We have been very clear to advertise it. And I think you’ll see a much larger walkup [Tuesday night] because it’s a bargain night and it’s a T-shirt night.”

There was a slight uptick in attendance for Tuesday’s game – 13,731 diehards showed up – but wow, how far the once-mighty have fallen. An Orioles ticket used to be the hottest ticket in town – other than a ticket for a bus out of town (bam!) – and now they can’t even give them away. And yeah, I can see how fans would be a bit discouraged that an impromptu visit to the ballpark to take in a game will cost them up to five extra bucks, thereby decreasing those who choose to attend.

Also,  the Orioles suck balls.

That’s probably the biggest reason, right?

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