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Like SportsCenter, But Intentionally Stupid: ‘Onion Sports Network’ Picked Up By Comedy Central

In an incredibly savvy business move, Comedy Central just announced that they have agreed to air a 10-episode package of the Onion Sports Network. Set to premiere in the first quarter of 2011, OSN has experienced success in online form, but the question will be how will it translate to a longer format.

Via Variety:

“The Onion has such credibility in the comedy world, we feel fortunate to partner with them,” Comedy Central head of original programming and production Kent Alterman said. “They will skewer the sports world, and the media coverage of sports, with the same sharpness we’ve seen applied to the world of politics and popular culture.”

Indeed. Count me as one of the people who is really looking forward to the show and how it will translate to cable television. If you are somewhat unfamiliar with the video incarnation of Onion Sports, here’s a sample of what we can look forward to seeing next year.


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