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Brett Favre Regifts Some Wranglers To Vikings Teammates

While everyone within the Vikings organization waits with baited breath for Brett Favre to make his decision on whether or not he will return and play for the team next season, the Gunslinger sent word that he hasn’t forgotten about his teammates and has sent them all pairs of Wrangler jeans. How nice of the guy.

Punter Chris Kluwe joked about the jeans, saying, “I┬áneed to break them in a little bit, they are kind of stiff,” but was not willing to speculate on Favre’s future with the team.

Ah, who are we bullshitting here? The Vikings are as aware of Favre’s plans as Brad Childress is that if he shaved his facial hair he would look even more like a pedophile.

Perhaps the most interesting revelation coming from this fluff story is how it eerily mirrors a bit from “The Mayne Event” bit during the playoffs in January.

Spooky, huh? Does this mean that Kenny Mayne is some sort of sports soothsayer who is able to predict the benign offseason activities of professional athletes? If that is indeed the case, can you imagine the unbridled power Mayne will wield over the sports world? If there is one man at ESPN who is more despotic than Berman, it is most defnitely Mayne. Sure, he hides it behind a good guy persona, but woe is he who dares cross the enigmatic, maniacal Mayne.

I fear for our future.

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