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White Sox Broadcaster Apparently Sticks Golf Tees Up His Butt

His proctologist probably doesn’t recommend it, but Chicago White Sox television broadcaster Ken “Hawk” Harrelson essentially admitted to engaging in the bizarre act of shoving golf tees up his ass. During last night’s broadcast of the Sox-Blue Jays game, Harrelson eloquently stated that “You couldn’t pull a greased tee out of my behind with a pair of pliers.”

Say what? I am going with the assumption that Harrelson was trying to articulate that the game was pretty tense, but I have never heard that line before in my life, which leads me to believe Hawk must have first-hand knowledge of how difficult it can be to extract a golf tee out of one’s anus, whether it is “greased” or not. He claims to need a pliers, for crying out loud, and even utilizing that tool might not to the trick.

Of course, Hawk’s aforementioned butt doctor would have probably used forceps as opposed to pliers. I only wonder if to lighten the mood, the proctologist would have borrowed one of Hawk’s sayings and yelled, “It gone!” when the procedure was complete.

And you can put that on the board….YES!

[H/T Mouthpiece Blog]