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You’re Excited About The Blogger Olympics? Feel These Nipples!

Who are the geniuses who came up with this one? Oh yeah, it was the folks over at SB Nation.

What happens when you get eight out-of-shape bloggers together and have them compete in Olympics-styled events (and bar games)? Well, I don’t know what you get exactly, but it’s entertaining to watch.

A brief explanation of what was behind the idea of a Blogger Olympics.

The First (and Potentially) Annual Blogger Olympics took place in Washington, DC this past Thursday and Friday, and if you didn’t watch the videos below that’s perfectly acceptable. There were no sponsors, no bright lights, and cringe-inducing profile pieces about the athletes.

We did have one thing, however: tales of epic heroism, and a new understanding for how (relatively speaking) unfit the common man is for the field of athletic endeavor combined with an appreciation for the little skill we do have. We also had one minor injury, which is a fairly solid result for a group of people who spend that much time behind a computer.

If this ends up an annual thing, I am so going to see if I can enter the competition. Because I love to be publicly humiliated, you see. It’s starting to become a problem, actually.

Below are the competitors who took part in the events last Thursday and Friday:

  • Spencer Hall, Every Day Should Be Saturday and contributor.
  • Chris Mottram, Senior Editor of
  • Andrew Sharp, Editor of
  • Chris Haines, Community Manager of SB Nation.
  • Matt O’Brien, Editor of
  • Michael Prada, Bullets Forever and editor.
  • Michael Tunison aka Christmas Ape, Kissing Suzy Kolber and The Sporting Blog.
  • Ryan Hudson, Evening Editor of

And below are the “Bar Events” they competed in (video above):

  • Shuffleboard Tournament. Like curling without the brooms. And Ice. (Winners: Team of Mottram and Haines)
  • Beer chug. One 16 ounce beer of your choice, consumed as quickly as possible. (Winner: Spencer Hall)
  • Pool tournament (Winner: Chris Mottram)
  • Darts (Winner: Chris Haines)

Fantastic stuff. The bloggers also competed in physical challenges (e.g. 1-mile run, bench press, etc). The embarrassing video can be found here. Be sure to check it out. It is truly a sight to behold.

SB Nation Blogger Olympics: Physical Fitness Only Slightly Oxymoronic [SB Nation]