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Given The Whole ‘Man Boob’ Issue, Is Krispy Kreme A Good Idea For Phil Mickelson?

Courtesy of Clay Travis’ Twitter account (via Devil Ball Golf) comes a photo of Phil Mickelson and one of his daughters reportedly rolling through the Krispy Kreme drive thru. As Jay Busbee at DBG points out, how awesome is it that Phil is still sporting the green jacket the next morning? I wonder if he slept in the damn thing.

Now, it is certainly not my place to tell other people how to live their lives, especially as it pertains to dietary issues – I had a Bacon and Cheese Whopper for lunch today, for crying out loud – but with Phil’s problems with weight fluctuation, and how said weight seems to wind up on his chest, is feasting upon glazed donuts really the wisest choice?

I suppose he should be allowed one day to celebrate. But after that, it should be back to Special K bars for you, Man Tits!

[H/T @ClayTravisBGID (via Devil Ball Golf)]