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Courtesy Of Evander Kane’s Fist, Matt Cooke Made To Look Like Billy Idol

Would you look at that? I can guarantee you that Cooke doesn’t want “more, more, more” of Evander Kane.

Big ups to Thrashers fan Fred Johnson (via Orland Kurtenblog) for the incredible image. If Atlanta Thrashers center Evander Kane would have punched him any harder, Pittsburgh Penguins winger Matt Cooke might have wound up with “Eyes Without A Face.” Or something. God, that sucked.

What didn’t suck was Kane’s “Rebel Yell”-like one-punch knockout of the Cooke during the Thrashers’ 1-0 win over the Pens on Saturday. With one mighty swing, Kane dropped Cooke like the proverbial bag of dirt, which must have felt like sweet, sweet retribution to Boston Bruins fans for Cooke’s dirty hit on last month on center Mark Savard when Cooke blindsided the Bruins center and ending his season – a vicious, dirty hit for which Cooke was not suspended, incidentally, which was a terrible injustice.

Video after the jump.

Both Kane and Atlanta coach John Anderson appeared to take exception when prodded to justify the one-sided beatdown, and all of it of course, comes back to Sidney Crosby. Cooke was likely going after the Thrashers rookie for playing physical with the Penguin  Prima Donna.

Via the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“He challenged me and asked me to fight, and I was not going to back down”, Kane said. “It’s part of the game”.

Coach John Anderson address the fight and what lead up to it may saying, “If they take exception to who gets hit out there, does that mean you are supposed to start a fight?”. Continuing he added, “I don’t get it…Crosby is so great for the game, but when you are always around the puck, you’re going to get hit a little bit. Every time he gets body checked, does that mean somebody is going to get attacked”?

“Cooke came around an 18-year old. What goes around comes around. That’s all I can tell you”.

Damn straight. Cooke is notorious for his dirty play and with one epic roundhouse right he finally got the much-deserved comeuppance he deserved. Cooke is now listed as day-to-day with a concussion, and with the Penguins set to take the ice against the Ottawa Senators Wednesday in the first round of the NHL playoffs, they just might be without Crosby’s reactionary personal bodyguard.

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