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Another Sexy Pole Vaulter, Vanessa Chin, Is Within Our Midst

And that’ s alright with me.

Move over, Allison Stokke, and make some room for UC Davis’ Vanessa Chin…on my futon! Hey, a boy can dream, right? And a futon is a perfectly functional, multiple-use piece of furniture, so enough with the smartass remarks, got it?

The drop-dead gorgeous pole vaulter is sure to help internet pervs the world over begin to get over the Stokke obsession. Hate to break it to you, guys, but despite what your dogs keep telling you, Allison Stokke is not dropping out of Cal and moving in with you. Frankly, no woman will, until you get rid of those jars of urine, man.

Moving on, big, BIG ups go out to Busted Coverage for their discovery of Miss Chin. Make sure you remember them when she is the biggest thing to hit the internets since Tay Zonday. We all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude. Below is BC’s succinct bio of the Vanessa:

• She loves to pole vault

• Is a junior

• Loves God

• Loves to eat

• Is a golfer

• Has bikini photos

• Likes dogs

• Is in shape

Fantastic stuff. I have included one more photo of Chin below, but Busted Coverage has additional photos of the young lady, so do stop by their fine site and have a look-see, won’t you? Heh. Like I even had to suggest it.

UC Davis Pole Vaulter Vanessa Chin Is The New Allison Stokke [Busted Coverage]