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Me And Ty Conklin Are Like Kindred Spirits, Man

Not only are Ty Conklin and I alike in that we can both grow killer mustaches, we also appear to share similar tastes in music.

When Ty Conklin isn’t spending his time backing up Chris Mason as goaltender for the St. Louis Blues, you will probably find him kicking back, hanging out with the family and listening to some righteous music.

On Puck Daddy’s most recent edition of Puck Tracks, much like me, Conklin confesses that he secretly digs Lady Gaga’s music.

Of course, he qualifies it by saying he listens to Lady Gaga, especially “Paparazzi,” when he’s spending time with his children. Which is yet another way me and him are a lot alike: we both blame flaws and embarrassing stuff on our kids. For instance, right now, I cannot get enough of The Wiggles. Their timeless harmonies and melodies are just what the doctor ordered after a long day of blogging.

Me and you, Ty: simpatico, brother.

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