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Tiger Woods Must Have Been A Huge Fan Of The Film ‘Beautiful Girls’

The parallels in the plot of the movie Beautiful Girls and the latest bombshell that Tiger once knocked boots with his neighbor, Raychel Coudriet are eerily similar, at least at the outset.

In 2002, Tiger Woods, like Timothy Hutton’s character in the film, Willie Conway, was at a crossroads in life. Having already conquered the golf world, Tiger retreats to the safety of home to gather himself. While reconnecting with friends and getting to know himself better – where he is, who he was, where he is going –  Tiger befriends neighbor Raychel Coudriet (Marty in the film, portrayed by Natalie Portman), a bright-eyed, intelligent, beautiful teenage girl who considers herself an “old soul.” Troubled by the closeness he feels towards Raychel, and getting the indication that the young lady may be harboring inappropriate feelings for him, Tiger retreats from her, but always will treasure the time they spent together.

The narratives diverge from there. We never find out in the film what exactly happens to Willie and Marty in the future, but in Tiger’s case, he patiently bides his time for eight years, then proceeds the nail Raychel on a couch in his office while one of his children were sleeping in a crib nearby.

Very similar stories, indeed. Except for the uninhibited, “mechanical and unemotional” couch sex, that is. But other than that, totally the same.

Wait. One more similarity. Rosie O’Donnell doesn’t show up in the movie or in Tiger’s office and ruin and otherwise enjoyable couple of hours. That’s good, right?

Woods even slept with his neighbor’s young daughter near his ‘crib’: report [New York Post]