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By Hook Or By Crook, Jason Whitlock Is Going To Get You That Darn Link

If at first you don’t succeed, fail, fail, then give up on altogether and paste the entire damn url yourself.

At least that appears to be the philosophy behind Whitlock’s latest foray into online interaction with his followers. For some reason or another, Whitlock was having great difficulty utilizing to link to a very important column on found on Was it glitch? Maybe, but anytime a “glitch” is mentioned, it sounds exactly like when your old man calls you and says he can’t hear sound on a video one of his buddies forwarded to him. Usually, it’s not a glitch as he suspects. It’s more often than not he didn’t have his speakers turned on.

But I suspect a far more benign reason for Whitlock’s troubles. Greasy typing fingers, reasonably confirmed from a tweet by the Round Mound of Ground Round yesterday:

Nice. Now that’s a pleasant image right there. Hope he didn’t get the shits.