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According To This Hilarious Video, This Young Lady Is No Brittney Griner

Yeah, it looks like the whole “Climbing Up Your Teammate’s Back And Dunking” gambit did not go quite as planned. Nope, there would be no backboard shattering dunk a la The Cable Guy for this uncoordinated gal.

No, Kelsey (according to YouTube) is nothing like Britney Griner, the female basketball player phenom from Baylor. Briner would have totally punched that chick from the other team in the face for laughing at her.

Oh, and she can’t dunk worth crap either. Even with her teammate’s half-assed assistance. Seriously, what could they have possibly been thinking? Even with her teammate helping her, my guess is the girl still would have ended up about four feet short.

I award them zero points for appearance, zero points for song choice and another zero points for lip-sync ability.

Wait. That’s the scoring method for Puttin’ on the Hits. Nevermind.

[H/T Total Pro Sports]
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