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One Benefit Of Winning A Golf Major: Wife Does Not Appear As Damn Ugly

Yang Yong-Eun’s life has been something of a whirlwind since he stared down Tiger and won the PGA Championship by three strokes at Hazeltine last August. As he prepares to compete in The Masters this week, Yang discussed how much sweeter his life is now after accomplishing such a remarkable achievement.

“Now I have long term stability. It has brought a lot of confidence to me not only on the golf course, but off it as well. I was pretty shy and I still am, but I can be more of myself now,” said Yang.

“Above anything else, it has brought immense happiness to me and my family,” he added. “My wife seems to look lovelier than ever and the kids are sweeter and more precious. I am thankful for all that I have in my life.”

Yikes. Hopefully, his better half is not one of those overly-sensitive types and misinterprets what he was trying to convey about how everything in his world seems that much better because of winning that elusive major. But to be fair to the guy, have you ever seen his wife?


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