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Jenn Sterger’s Boobs Made Their Debut On That Versus SportsCenter-ey Show Last Night…

So, uh, did anyone actually watch The Daily Line last night? To be honest, despite writing several posts on the topic over the past couple of months, I had completely forgotten about it. Given the NCAA championship game and opening day in baseball, I can see how Versus might have thought there couldn’t have been a better night to debut the show, but really could they have picked a worse time? The show’s buzz – if it had any at all, which I doubt – was completely washed out by all the other events taking place yesterday evening.

For the uninitiated, the show is on Versus (I know) and airs on weeknights at 6:00 p.m. ET and is supposedly a more interactive, hip-to-the-social-media-obsessed-youth version of SportsCenter. Here’s the gist, via Versus:

VERSUS’ first live nightly program, The Daily Line, is a nightly destination for viewers to the information they need in preparation for a night of sports. It will also be highly interactive by giving fans the opportunity to join the conversation about the day’s hottest topics by calling in, texting, emailing or tweeting the hosts during the show.

How this gambit will play out in the end is hard to say at this point, but it does have one thing going for it: Jenn Sterger. Oh, and The Daily Line features three other cast members , too: Liam McHugh, Reese Waters and Rob DeAngelis, but who gives a crap about those yahoos, right? Versus is putting all their money on the hope that Sterger attracts horny viewers.

Miss Sterger has been working the press junket pimping her show, including an interview with the Los Angeles Times, where she discussed her crush on Kim Kardashian, posing for Playboy, having balls (?) and of course, her boobs.

Via Ministry of Gossip:

Her game is unscripted: “Sports is a natural place for women, but it takes balls to have an opinion,” Sterger says. “Most women are reading teleprompters and lines that are handed to them as scripts. ‘The Daily Line’ is basically unscripted, unfiltered and, aside from a seven-second delay, uncensored.”

Image isn’t everything: “I had breast reduction surgery last August. I had my implants removed because they were obnoxious, and I was being judged,” Sterger says. “People were treating me like the A-Rod of my industry, like, ‘This girl doesn’t deserve to be the home-run champion.’

Playboy wasn’t a power play: Posing nude “has to do with the way a woman carries herself. I act so much like a guy’s girl that if I didn’t put it out there, people would question if I had a penis,” Sterger cracked. “I didn’t do full-frontal, though. I think, if I was at the right place and time in my life, I’d do it again.”

Tomboy or not, she’s girl crushing Kim Kardashian: “I like girls like Kim Kardashian; she’s my crush. I think she’s beautiful, the fact that she embraces her curves,” Sterger said. “I love food, and I don’t feel like I should have to eat breadcrumbs to survive in this world.”

Fascinating stuff. And because I’m nice, here’s her cast video:

Now that’s the kind of person I want sexily and seductively spoon-feeding me my sports news. Sorry, your time has passed, Scott Van Pelt. Go take a hike.

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