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ESPN Does Not Know What Year It Is

Not surprisingly, the yahoos over at ESPN have devoted a lot of airtime today to the trade that sent Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins. During this morning’s edition of the live SportsCenter, the very alluring Sage Steele reported that McNabb will face the Eagles for the first time on Monday, October 26th.

One problem: October 26th is not on a Monday in 2010 – it’s a Tuesday.

Another problem: the NFL has not released the regular season schedule for the 2010 season yet, so even the all-powerful ESPN could not know when McNabb would be first provided an opportunity to exact revenge on the Eagles organization.

How did this occur? Simple. Some woodhead in ESPN research (I choose not to believe that Miss Steele made the error – she’s just so darned cute) referred to the Washington Redskins’ 2009 season schedule. DOH!

No biggie, really. But any opportunity to rail on tWWL is fine by me. Why? Because ESPN killed my grandfather. It’s a long story, but suffice to say that hanging yourself with an ESPN: The Magazine fleece while in custody is not only possible, but incredibly effective.

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