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Ron Artest Is Getting His Own Reality Show

And into the depths of madness we go.

Ron Artest has signed on to develop a reality show, the aptly-named They Call Me Crazy. Gold.

From The Hollywood Reporter: (via Ball Don’t Lie):

The series will document the ups and downs of Artest’s life, allowing him to “make amends for past transgressions,” according to E1 Entertainment, and help develop aspiring musicians through his hip-hop label, Tru Warier, to be supported by E1 Music.

“I’m really excited to have the opportunity to invite people into my world to see the real me, and show them there are many more sides to the Ron Artest they see on the basketball court,” Artest said in a statement.

Wait. Haven’t we already been adequately provided access to the different (and terrifying) sides of Ron Artest at this point? The guy is physical embodiment of Multiple Personality Disorder. I equate a Ron Artest reality show to when Kramer went to that Yankees fantasy camp on Seinfeld. As was the case with Kramer with his entire life already being a fantasy camp, the same goes for Artest – his entire life is already a reality show, so what is the point?

And yet, that fact alone will not prevent me from watching what will surely be a trainwreck, so there you go.

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