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Who Would Have Guessed Dick Vitale Would Pick Duke To Win It All?


It’s totally shocking, baby!!

Who would have thunk it that when breaking down the Final Four matchups in his groan-inducing-named column, “Hey, Baby!” (seriously?) for the USA Today, Dickie V. would go ahead and select Duke to win the national championship.

Duke will solve the defensive plan of the Mountaineers, and with its size inside, led by improved 7-footer Brian Zoubek, will survive and advance. The Blue Devils will move to the championship game, and it will be Coach K vs. Coach Izzo, two of the giants of the coaching fraternity.

Look for this Duke team to find a way to give Coach K his fourth national championship.

That’s predictable with a capital P! Given Vitale’s propensity for slurping the balls of Coach K and all things Duke, there was no other way this could have turned out. Not to put a grotesque and terrifying picture in your head, but Vitale has had such a rager for Duke over the past week, he didn’t even pack his little blue boner pills for the celebratory sodomy in Krzyzewski’s Indianapolis hotel room on Monday night.

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