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I Hope This Kid Didn’t Poop All Over His Penguin Costume

Hilarious screen grab from last night’s game between Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh. What we have here is a kid dressed up in a penguin costume reacting in abject terror to a fight between the Pens’ Bill Guerin and Zenon Konopka of Lightning.

Seriously, look at him. He’s horrified. I imagine this is exactly the look that appeared on boy’s faces when they saw John Wayne Gacy dressed up in his clown suit.

But my guess is he’s just as horrified that he went to a hockey game dressed up as a penguin as he is the violence taking place a mere few feet away from him. I hope this was his mom’s bright idea, not his. Is there such a thing as Bad Idea Penguin Suits? If not, there sure as hell should be.

[H/T 96.1 KISS (via P.S.A.M.P.)]