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Alexander Ovechkin Is An Inconsiderate (Or Horses**t) Parker

Come on, man, that’s wrong.

The images of the grievous offense to common decency are courtesy of Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog, showed up a little late to the practice of the Washington Capitals only to see this clear abuse of parking courtesy by none other than Alexander Ovechkin.

As you can see below, the automobile in question, a SL65 AMG Black Series, is clearly the Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player’s ride. The license plate “AO GR8” pretty much gives it away, but the blog Jalopnik previously published photos of the mean machine confirming ownership.

But what are we to do with Ovie? Driving lessons so he would have to place one of those adhesive “STUDENT DRIVER” stickers on the back of his car? Classes?

I’d say classes. Can you imagine the tomfoolery and skullduggery that would be sure to ensue if Ovie took a remedial driving course? If you thought Moving Violations was hilarious (which you shouldn’t), just you wait. As an added bonus and keeping with what would be the sole reason to watch that horrible flick , we could figure out a way to somehow insert Jennifer Tilly’s boobs into the experience. That would be nice.

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