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Michelle Wie, You Delightfully Naughty Girl!

I bring you good news, dear readers. Miss Wie has finally heeded my advice and brought the sexy back to her personal blog, Black Flamingo. Your gratitude is not necessary, friends, the results in of themselves are a sufficient reward.

Above is a piece found she has titled, “Inglorious Flower” which can be found in her March 26th post, “the inglorious patch of grass”. Incredibly sensual and nicely done, Miss Wie. The composition is very seductive, very alluring.

More provocative pics follow.

Below we have a companion piece from her “inglorious patch of grass” post, titled “solo.”

Yamma hamma. By the way, be sure to click on each and every photo to expand it to its full-sized sexiness.

And here we have a few of the results from when Michelle was “playing around with a collage app…” in her post, “i am a curious clam”:

Brilliant. Interesting note: if you were to mesh the titles of  the two above-mentioned posts, “the inglorious patch of grass” and “i am a curious clam,” you could infer that her work should be commended as strongly vaginal.

Further, her unique ability to encompass that special something, a certain je ne sais quoi, if you will, is incredibly captivating in the way it captures the erotic intimacy of the moment without delving into bawdy or kinky territory.

What this means is one does not have to feel guilty or shamed about the arousal experienced when ogling them. To put it in the parlance of our times, they’re bonerrrrrific!

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