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Masters Coverage Of Tiger Woods May Be Limited To Only One Shot During 1st Round

And you will like it! Consider yourself lucky that you will get to see even that much, you slack-jawed gawkers.

Under pressure to cave into the demands of ratings-hungry ESPN, who will broadcast the first two rounds of The Masters, the stodgy bastards running Augusta National have reluctantly acquiesced a bit and agreed to allow ESPN to switch to the first tee to show live coverage of Tiger Woods teeing off on the first hole during his first round of the tournament. So, depending on when Tiger tees off, for instance, if he has an early round scheduled, by the time ESPN goes live with its coverage, Tiger may already be off the course, so that one tee shot will be all we’ll see of his first day back on the course. So, I guess we might only be able to hear “GETINTHEHOLE!!!” just once during the first round at Augusta.

Via The New York Times:

“We’ll be able to document his play very thoroughly and still adhere to the traditions of the Masters,” said John Wildhack, an executive vice president of ESPN. He added: “We’re pleased with the plans that we have in place. We’re pleased that we will be able to offer the tee shots of Tiger and his group.”

He declined to say whether ESPN asked for more time to follow Woods.

“I’m not getting into wishes or predictions,” he said.

Steve Ethun, a spokesman for Augusta National, said, “We discussed this with them and agreed that this coverage provides the correct quality and the quantity.”

What a deal, right? Obviously, the powers-that-be at Augusta National who control what is aired are very conservative and consider that they are even allowing this much to be quite the concession on their part. Nobody is bigger than the tournament or nothing will alter how they run things around their golf club. Just ask that skirt Martha Burk. She’ll tell ya. Unless you’re a man, then she will just give you the old stink eye.

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