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Denard Span Is Learning The Ways Of The Dark Side Of Minnesota Nice

Scary moment today during spring training action as the Twins took on the Yankees in Tampa. Twins center fielder Denard Span drilled his mother in the chest with a line-drive foul ball off his bat in the first inning.

Span was leading off the game against the Yankees’ Phil Hughes when he fouled a 3-2 pitch directly to the left of the visitors’ third-base dugout, where a group of his family members were settling in for the game.

The ball struck his mother, and Span immediately dashed into the field-level seats, consoling her as help arrived.

BAM! Ouch, that had to sting, especially for a woman who is old enough to have 26-year-old son. But don’t worry, Span’s mom, Wanda Wilson, is going to okay.

What I would like to point out is how this adequately illustrates the perverse nature of what many have called Minnesota Nice. Everybody assumes that we simple Minnesota folk are just salt-of-the-earth, nice people, but in fact there is a very dark side to it. In fact, Minnesota Nice is just a kinder way to describe the passive aggressive nature of many of the residents who live here. We may appear nice, but things are not always as they seem. For example, Denard Span did nail his mother with a batted ball, but he was nice enough to run to her side and help attend to her. So, in effect, Span was being nice, but only because he did something terrible (although accidental) to begin with.

It is very complicated and difficult to explain. That’s why you should never bother to pay us a visit in Minnesota. In fact, we’d prefer if you didn’t.

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