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Mark Cuban Is Just Making Up Words Now

I don’t know exactly what Mark Cuban was doing during his time at the University of Pittsburgh and Indiana University, but it certainly was not mastering the English language. While discussing the recent struggles of the Denver Nuggets, who have dropped six of their last ten including two in a row, Cuban told Texas sports talk radio station The Ticket 1310 AM that the Nuggets are “discombobulated right now.”

Discombobulated? Ha! Sorry, Mr. Cuban, obviously money can’t buy everything, because you are completely wrong on that word.

It’s discomblobulated, sir. As in out of control like The Blob from the movies. Irregardless of you’re status as a big time owner of a NBA team, someone should of told you your not to good at talking English. And you’re hair? That’s a whole nother story.

Heres a idea, Mark Cuban. Practice you’re grammer than get back to us about the Denver Nuggets. It takes more then wealth to supposably talk about they’re struggles.

What? It’s a fare point.

(Note: I have no idea why I wrote this – I picked a bad week to stop drinking in the morning)

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