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Last Call: No More Ladies Night In Gainesville Edition

Sadly, the era of ladies night is tragically coming to an end – at least in Gainesville, Florida.

They’ll be notifying 115 bars and restaurants in the city limits in the next few days that they will no longer be able to give discounts based on gender, reports the Gainesville Sun.

Cecil Howard, the city’s director of equal opportunity, said the city hasn’t gotten any complaints about discrimination based on these sorts of promotions. But they are taking a cautious route.

Gainesville officials are following a pattern in other places, from Clearwater to California, where discrimination laws have been strictly interpreted to strike down such discounts.

Wait. The city has a director of equal opportunity? What the hell? They should have a director of letting women get drunk and loose department, if you ask me.

But what do I know? On to the usual tomfoolery.


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