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‘Joe Buck Live’ Officially Canceled: Don’t Get Me Started, Don’t Even Get Me Started

Joe Buck Live is dead! Long live Joe Buck Live!

HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg confirmed Monday in an e-mail to Broadcast & Cable (now that’s a reputable periodical right there) what Joe Buck smugly speculated to last week:  that after three painful episodes, Joe Buck Live has been officially and mercifully canceled by the cable network, but not before Ross Greenburg shove his head so far up Buck’s ass he found one of Troy Aikman’s Super Bowl rings:

“Joe Buck is one of the premier broadcasters in our industry,” Greenburg said.  “We have made the decision not to continue his talk show and wish him all the best and continued success with his wide array of responsibilities at Fox Sports.”  Greenburg also thanked Buck for his work on the show.  “It was a privilege to work with him at HBO.  Joe worked tirelessly on the three shows, and we appreciate his professionalism and immense talent.”

“Premier broadcaster”? Yeah, if that means more annoying than an ass rash. And “wide array of responsibilities”? According to my experiences watching that no-talent assclown, his only responsibility is to arrogantly broadcast games, barely concealing his contempt in spite of carving out a great career on the shoulders of his old man, much to the disdain of any person who had no choice but to suffer through watching and listening to him.

And don’t get me started on the “professionalism and immense talent” line. Don’t even get me started.

Speaking of which, Jeannie Darcy, if she were a real person instead of a terrible Molly Shannon character, has more “professionalism and immense talent” residing in her mullet than Joe Buck.

Like I mentioned, don’t even get me started.

HBO Confirms ‘Joe Buck Live’ Canceled [Broadcasting & Cable (via Sports Media Watch)]
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