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Indian Tennis Player Sania Mirza Broke My Heart

So that’s how it’s going to be, huh, Sania? You don’t even have the decency to tell me personally that you are about to wed some jerky cricket-playing guy? Sorry, I have never even heard of this Shoaib Malik fellow, but I’m sure he’s wonderful, just super-duper great.

Mirza’s father said Malik, the former cricket captain of Pakistan, and his daughter would move to Dubai after the marriage, expected next month.

He added that she planned to continue playing tennis once she had recovered fully from a wrist injury.

Reports say the wedding celebrations will be held in both countries.

I thought we shared something special, Sani. All the blog posts, the carefully crafted photo galleries, I guess they meant nothing to you, huh?

God, I’m such a fool. Still, how’s it gonna be, Sani? How’s it gonna be when you don’t know me anymore?

(sadly cranks Third Eye Blind song)

Now I feel a bit better.

Indian tennis’s Mirza to wed Pakistani cricketer Malik [BBC]
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