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Santonio Holmes Provides Twitter Update Regarding Legal Issue

By now, you have likely heard about the latest headache for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization dealing with a lawsuit brought against wide receiver Santonio Holmes by a woman who alleges he threw a glassful of booze on her in the VIP section of the Rain Night Club in Orlando on March 7th. Obviously, the facts are sketchy at this point, so Holmes thought taking it to the Tweets to Twitter (above) would be a good idea in an attempt to clear the air.

Fair enough. In light of this mess and Ben Roethlisberger’s recent alleged dalliances down in Georgia, Mondesi’s House prepared a public service announcement for members of the Pittsburgh Steelers regarding their nightclub-attending habits which they should all begin following immediately.

Insofar as Holmes’ suggestion that people should do their research so they don’t “look like the fool,” we should follow his advice. If anyone knows how a person can end up looking like a fool by not performing their due diligence prior to doing something, it’s certainly Holmes, as evidenced below.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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