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Couple Who Celebrated Wedding At Citi Field Will Be Divorced In A Year

You know, because the Mets play there? It’s not like they are the team you should want to model your marriage after.

I suppose we will have to take a wait-and-see approach on how the decision to host their wedding reception at Citi Field will work out for newlyweds and Long Island residents Francesco Caputo  and Jacqueline Scotti (Italians from Long Island? Wha?), who did just that on Saturday. Will the negative vibes that seem to envelop the bumbling ball team be a harbinger of things to come, or will the Caputos trump tradition and have a long, happy marriage?

After a formal wedding at the Church of St. Aidan in Long Island, the couple took a white trolley over to Queens for the reception. Via the New York Daily News:

“We wanted something different, and it ended up being something really amazingly different because nobody has done it here before,” Scotti, 32, told the News. “Frank is a huge insane Mets fan … and I am now too.”

The beaming bride blushed.

“I had to be a fan,” she added. “Frank told me, ‘If you want this ring on your finger, you have to be a Mets fan.’ My loyalty is to my fiance. So, whatever team he supports, I support.”

Nothing like withholding a marriage proposal on the basis of whether or not you are a fan of the same baseball squad. Talk about taking Puddy’s “Gotta support the team” mantra up a notch to a level of absurd insanity.

The reception with 270 guests was held in the Acela Club inside Citi Field but after the jump is video of the happy couple gallivanting around the diamond as well as hanging out in the dugout. Talk about romantical. I imagine it is every little girl’s dream to one day get married and hang out in a dugout, with all the chew spit stains on the concrete.

Wow. What a bunch of friggin’ rubes, man. At the same time, you have to give the gal credit for going along with the groom’s dream. Good luck caving in every Francesco’s sports-themed fantasy for the rest of your marriage, Jacqueline. My guess is they consummated the marriage while Caputo was wearing a Mr. Met outfit. Creepy.

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