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Both Chris Berman And Mike Tirico Attempted To Prey Upon A Vulnerable Erin Andrews

In a wide-ranging and in-depth interview with USA Today‘s Michael McCarthy (by the way, thanks for the title, “Erin Andrews Interview: ‘I Need To Find My Smile Again’ – now all I have is the goddamn theme song for Growing Pains playing in my head over and over), Erin Andrews reveals that after the sentencing of Peepholegate provocateur Michael David Barrett, both Chris Berman and Mike Tirico, her colleagues at ESPN,  “reached out” to her via text message and voicemail respectively.

Chris Berman wrote me a text message after the sentencing that said, “I’m so sad every time you’re brought up in the news because I know how it hurts you. I’m so excited you’re doing this show because we want our girl back.”

Mike Tirico left me the most emotional message on my answering machine after the sentencing came down saying, “If this is what’s going to get your smile back, go do this and win this thing so our girl comes back.”

What’s this “our girl” bullshit? Hate to break it to you guys, but Erin Andrews is not your or ESPN’s property. I don’t know what kind of sinister cabal those two are running over there at tWWL, but Miss Andrews wants no part of it. They should know she’s a stronger woman as a result of what she has gone through – evidenced by her rumored romantic involvement with her dance partner, Comrade Whatshisfaceitskiy – and if they think for one second she’s going to cave in to their animalistic and misogynistic demands, they got another thing coming. We are all well aware of their sordid pasts with the ladies, so it should come as no surprise they relied on their predatory natures and attempted to pursue and take advantage of poor Miss Andrews in her obviously fragile state immediately after facing her accuser.

Our girl. Ha. Who do they think they are – the Macaulay Culkin to Anna Khlumsky’s character in My Girl? Not that I have ever seen the movie and bawled my eyes out at the ending.

Stupid, mean-old bees.

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