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Wake N’ Blog For March 26th: Jail-Themed Playgrounds Now Considered Inappropriate

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• A New York City housing agency has begun receiving complaints due to a playground jungle gym that resembles a jail. Fake bars were removed as well as the word “Jail” from some Brooklyn playground equipment. One concerned parent stated that “it was like promoting kids to go to jail.” Seriously? How exactly are you promoting kids to go to jail with a jungle gym? Give them some crack and stand them on a street corner, that’s a real way of promoting  kids “to go to jail.” Another thing, the playground has been this way since 2004 and the agency just started to receive complaints. Makes sense. Although it does remind me of a game we used to play in my neighborhood when I was a kid: Solitary Confinement. Poor Jimmy Tompkins was never the same after that week. Sigh. [MSNBC/AP]

• Charles Barkley wore a sombrero and a poncho for Latin Night. You gotta love that guy. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Best name of a hockey player called up from the minors ever: Jamie McBain. That is, until Ranier Wolfcastle makes his NHL debut. [From the Rink]

• Riot police and pepper spray: making soccer more interesting since 1945 or whenever pepper spray was invented. [Out of Bounds]

• Is Gus Johnson the greatest announcer ever or is Gus Johnson the GREATEST ANNOUNCER EVER?!? [The Dagger]

• Erin Andrews is one affectionate gal. I speak from experience. No I don’t. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

• “Ex-Stripper Fiancees, Japanese Sex Worker Cohabitation, and Herpes: Why yes, Matt Leinart IS in the KSK Sex/Fantasy Football Mailbag!” Enough said. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Here is the video of the epic fight between hockey fans you have been hearing about. Awesome. [Busted Coverage]

• Don’t read this story if you have never had a hole-in-one. Actually read it and become more bitter. Bitterness is the new happy. [Devil Ball Golf]

• I agree: Cheech & Chong should have stayed in the ’70s. Harsh. [Uncoached]

• Because 49 would have been over-the-top: here’s 48 photos of UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste. Yamma hamma. [Total Pro Sports]

• Tina Fey impersonating Tracy Morgan? Yes please. [Warming Glow]

• One more reason not to watch TLC: Sarah Palin reality show. I wonder if she will be hunting that family from Little People, Big World from a helicopter. I might watch that. [TV Squad]

• If I may, allow me to take a moment and point out that the always-superb Bootlegger Sports has one of the best photos of Japanese girl underboob I have ever seen in their link dump this morning. [Bootlegger Sports]

• I’m not sure what exactly is going on here, but here is an amusing video, “My Pick NCAA Bracket Rap.” Weird stuff. [TAUNTR]

• Hey, it’s Sexy Ballgirl Time! [Outside the Boxscore]

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