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Tim Tebow’s Dad’s Favorite River Must Be ‘Da Nile’

Oh, Bob Tebow, you Jesus-lovin’, mission-takin’, over-inflatin’ your son’s abilities-makin’ old coot.

Tim Tebow’s father, Bob (above right, in case you were confused) told Jacksonville radio station 1010XL last week that he sees no reason why his only begotten son won’t be taken in the first round in the NFL draft.

“If the Jaguars don’t take him at 10, he’ll be gone by 15. They don’t have a second round pick and if they think he’ll be around later, he won’t.”

You hear that, unbelievers? If you want Tim Tebow on your team next season, you better take him when you get your first crack at him, because he’ll be gone the next time around.

Of course, you can’t begrudge a father for being a little biased when it comes to his own son, but it is clear that the hubris frequently displayed by little Timmy was a trait passed down from his old man.

That and the creepy obsession with circumcisions, of course.

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