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Name Of The Year Tourney Time Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Ah yes, it’s time once again for the Name of the Year bracket. Ever since 1994, some like-minded people have gotten together and come up with an annual 64 name tournament comprised of the best (or worst) of the worst (or best) names out there and pitted them against each other in a no-holds-barred battle to see whose name reigns supreme.

And these guys take their duties very seriously.

Each spring at NOTY, we experience the Five Stages of Name.

First is anticipation. The mere prospect of moniker upon magic moniker triggers paroxysms of delight: Tis the night before Dionte Christmas. But then fear sets in. What if this is the year without a Barkevious Mingo, a Destiny Frankenstein, a Vanilla Dong? What if this year’s NOTY doesn’t live up to the glory of the past?

The fear subsides when we crack open the inbox — it used to be a manila folder — and peruse the names we’ve stored and ignored for months. Relief. We are Columbus sighting land. Armstrong setting boot on moon. Prometheus discovering fire. And if Prometheus’s last name is — well, if it’s anything, really — we are stoked.

Awesome. The tournament is underway, so head on over to the official site of Name of the Year 2010 and get cracking. Fill out your bracket, vote on which names you like the best and for once, enjoy becoming obsessed with a tournament in March without feeling like you want to rip your hair out. You’ve earned it.

[H/T With Leather]