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Charles Barkley Is The Most Interesting Man In The World

Screw that Dos Equis guy. He ain’t got shit on Barkley. If there were a 24-hour Chuck TV channel on cable, I would watch it constantly.

Case in point: above is Barkley getting into the spirit of Bull’s “Noche Latina 2010” event and below are some of the high points from last night’s TNT broadcast of the Heat-Bulls game. There are no actual highlights from the game itself, mind you – it was a one-sided Heat beatdown of the Bulls by a score of 103-74, but as Trey Kirby over at Ball Don’t Lie points out, it left plenty of time for Charles to do what Charles does best: entertain the masses with his perfect combination of wit, self-deprecation and, well, I don’t know any other way to describe it – his Charles Barkely-ness.

I love how he manages to plug his endorsement deal with Taco Bell (with the help of Ernie Johnson) and the fact that he mentions would have rather been watching The Mentalist as opposed to this debacle of the basketball game makes me actually want to watch The Mentalist, which is saying something.

Charles Barkley missed ‘The Mentalist’ for a 29-point blowout [Ball Don’t Lie]