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Taking A Quote From Marc-Andre Fleury Out Of Context Results In Homoerotic Awkwardness

During an interview for Sporting News with Marc-Andre Fleury, a question posed by Craig Custance elicits this response from the Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender:

It’s always special to see Sid and Ovi going at it.

No sir, that ain’t right. I almost feel bad for taking said quote out of context simply due to the possibility of what frightening imagery could be conjured up from doing so. Not that we need to carry this out any further, but my guess is that with any occasion when Alexander Ovehckin is “going at it,” as it were, it would likely uncomfortably resemble a scene from Quest for Fire, only without a painted-up Rae Dawn Chong.

Mental bleach, anyone?

Penguins G Marc-Andre Fleury: ‘Always special to see Sid and Ovi going at it’ [Sporting News]