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Off Topic: Super Terrific Sexy Greased Up Bikini Lady Waterslide Happy Hour!

This video was uploaded to YouTube over a year ago, but it’s new to me and it’s awesome so there you go.

Where to begin with the awesomeness of this video? The man’s pitiful first attempt at sliding down over the bikini-clad Japanese ladies? The manner in which he reaches out blindly as he makes his way over each girl, perhaps secretly hoping for some groping goodness?

All I know is that I am insanely jealous of that Japanese man in the video as well as any other contestant who ever competed on this show. Although I’m pretty sure after my first attempt I would unfortunately have to slide down on my back the next time, lest I seriously injure myself and experience severe internal bleeding due to an unfortunate erection deflection.

[H/T TV Squad]