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Joe Morgan Is A Terrible, Selfish Father

Just when you thought there couldn’t be more reasons not to like ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball analyst Joe Morgan, the San Francisco Chronicle comes out with a story detailing his possessive, iron-fisted control over his daughters that at the very least deprived one of his daughters a chance at realizing her Olympic dream.

Both of Morgan’s twin daughters, Ashley (above) and Kelly, excel at sports, but Ashley in particular is an incredibly gifted athlete. She is currently attending Stanford University and competing at a high level on their gymnastics team. Ashley’s love for the sport developed at an early age and she had so much potential, an opportunity to compete in the Olympics was a distinct possibility. But unfortunately for Ashley, her mean old dad put the kibosh on that, stamping out her dreams in one heartless move.

From the time she was 8, Ashley was committed to gymnastics. But when she had a chance to get on the Olympic track and train full time in Houston, her parents shot down the idea.

“That wasn’t us,” Joe said. “Family is everything.” Plus, he didn’t want her to be home-schooled, as many Olympic hopefuls are. “I believe you learn social skills by mixing with people,” he said.

Jerk. Face it, as far as social skills were concerned, both of Morgan’s daughters were already at a distinct disadvantage to begin with, given the fact that Joe Morgan was their father – seriously, look at the guy – but does that mean he had to heartlessly crush Ashley’s dreams? I think not. What occurred here wasn’t as simple as the importance of family. No no no.  You see, Joe Morgan, if he is anything, is a rabid egomaniac. There was no way he would have been able to share the spotlight by having one of his daughters in the Olympics. Crap, he’s probably pissed off she actually made it to Stanford.

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