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Joe Buck Live: It Was A Nice Run (Three Episodes)

Years from now, when a show is shut down after only three episodes, industry insiders will say the program got “Artie Langed.” And then they will laugh and laugh.

Nevertheless, we hardly knew ye, Joe Buck Live.  Now dry those tears, friends. Some things are supposed to last forever and others are meant to burn white-hot but for a moment before fading away, leaving us with only memories of what could have been.

Sadly, for the Joe Buck Live show, at least according to the Buckman, the time for it to end is nigh.

And of course, Buck was at his arrogant, egotistical best when discussing the show’s likely demise with a St. Louis radio station. Via Sports Media Watch:

“I don’t know that HBO is too excited about having more talk shows,” Buck said, “I think there’s been kind of a shift in the philosophy there and where that show ends up in the wash, we’ll find out.”

Buck was seemingly nonchalant about the show’s uncertain future, noting that since there were only “nine more months on that contract,” it was not “that big of a deal either way.”

Buck added that he “won’t really miss” the show if it is indeed cancelled, as there was “a lot more effort and hassle than I ever expected.”

What a friggin’ douche. Do you know what I “won’t really miss” if it were to ever mercifully occur? Joe Buck’s smarmy face on my television screen half-assing his way through announcing NFL and MLB games.  Buck acts partially interested in broadcasting the games at best most of the time and his little nonchalant shtick seems to illustrate he believes his main gig as Alpha Broadcaster on Fox is “a lot more effort and hassle” to him as well.

Here’s an idea for you, Joe Buck. Go die in a fire, you smug, gigantic-foreheaded fuckstick.

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