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White Basketball Players In NCAA Tournament Victims Of Discrimination

Time to turn the page, people. We have to move forward and try to create a more tolerable, open-minded society. It is time for us, as basketball fans, to condemn what is presently being experienced by the white players participating in the NCAA tournament. It is time for us to say “no more” and not allow people to refer to teams comprised mainly of white players as “scrappy” or “gutty” or even worse, “non-athletic.”

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports has had just about enough of it, and he has shined a light on the deplorable way white basketball players are judged by the color of their skin.

If I were a white college basketball player right now, especially if my team made the Sweet 16, I’d be angry at some of the comments I’ve heard in the media. I’d be looking for someone to punch. I’d be furious.

Because it’s starting again. White = overachiever. White = non-athletic.

The rhetoric that white basketball players are all smart and non-athletic was supposed to die in the 21st century. But now … it’s baaaaacckk.

As mostly white teams like Saint Mary’s, Northern Iowa, Cornell and even Duke have advanced, a certain type of rhetoric has returned with tornadic vengeance. It’s all over the media, blogs and even spoken during some of the televised broadcasts of the games.

And that’s just wrong. One of the darlings of the tournament thus far is Saint Mary’s Omar Samhan, who is frankly sick and tired of it. Commenting on how Villanova only had one man guarding him and never went to the double team, Samhan stated:

“I get it,” Samhan said. “I’m a slow white guy, and I’m overweight. So maybe you don’t respect me because I have good numbers. But after I kill you the first half, what are you waiting for? I don’t know what he wanted. Did he want me to have 40?”

“Some people still see a white team or white players and think we can’t play,” Samhan explained. “It’s offensive sometimes. It still goes on. That perception is wrong. It makes no sense. We’re all good athletes. White, black, red, whatever.”

Enough is enough, people. This is a new generation, a new era. No more will we stand idly by while the Wes Welkers of the world are admired simply because of his “heart” or the fact that he is an “overachiever.” No longer will we tolerate the dazzling performances on the court by the Tyler Hansbroughs of the world being described only as “gritty” or that they are “hard-working” or “tough” or “gutsy.”

The time is now, my friends. It is time for change.

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