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Sean Payton Does Not Like When Things Are ‘Slipped In The Back Door’

But who really does, amirite?

Saints head coach Sean Payton has been one of the more vocal critics of the recent change to the NFL’s overtime rules and has also questioned the underhanded manner in which the vote was carried out on Tuesday. The vote – which ended up getting endorsed by a tally of 28-4 by the owners – occurred while many NFL coaches were at a golf outing. Sneaky, eh?

Payton argues that the vote was “slipped in the back door.” Dry.

“It was just surprising because I think I was under the impression the overtime rule was going to be voted on today so it was kind of one of those back-door deals. I guess nothing surprises me anymore. I guess disappointing.

“The debate and argument over a new rule is healthy and oftentimes one will pass and one won’t pass. But the way this was slipped in shows me there was some concern it wouldn’t have gone in the normal way and that’s what concerns me.”

I don’t have to tell you how frustrating and embarrassing one of theseĀ  “back door deals” can be. One minute you’re thinking that the carpet cleaners in your house seem quite strange and the chemicals they’re using are pretty strong and the next you’re regaining consciousness chained to your toilet tank in extreme pain and discomfort. And the shame. Oh, the shame.

Just me? Huh.

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