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Jay Mariotti Continues His Anti-Ozzie Guillen Crusade To The Surprise Of No One

Like a moth drawn to a flame, or better yet, a crack addict willing to perform unspeakable sex acts for a rock, Mariotti cannot help himself when it comes to spewing his hatred towards White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen for anyone who is willing to listen to him or read his work.

Their personal pissing match goes all the way back to when Mariotti was still working in “real journalism” at the Chicago Sun-Times, before the celebrity blogger now working in the “web site business” unceremoniously resigned from the paper in 2008 because sports journalism, in his eyes, had become, interestingly, “a web site business.”

Now, Mariotti has picked up where he left off since the last time he has used his bully pulpit to settle his personal scores in his current blog post at Fanhouse, “I’ll Say It Once More: Time to Fire Guillen.”

Of course, these two combatants have grown quite familiar with each other and have had their spats in the media many times before, including when Guillen called Mariotti a “fag” in 2006, after several Mariotti columns were hyper-critical of the way Guillen managed his team.

Referring to Guillen as a “monster” and “media megalomaniac” and asserting that White Sox general manager Ken Williams and owner Jerry Reinsdorf appear like “bumbling, petulant idiots” for the way they have “enabled [Guillen’s] mindless, profane, manic and often dangerous dialogue because, well, his team happened to get lucky in 2005 and help the franchise win a World Series for the only time in 93 years,” Mariotti implores the organization to finally cut ties with the manager.

Mariotti comes out blindly and spitefully swinging with:

The Blizzard of Oz, as I’ve come to call Ozzie Guillen, should have been put out of his misery years ago, dumped like an out-of-control radio caller unfit for human consumption. He is not a breath of fresh air as much as an affront to the American intellect — a disgrace to baseball, the city of Chicago and a loose-cannon organization called the White Sox.

Mariotti attempts to make the case for Guillen’s dismissal by bemoaning the manger’s highly-entertaining Twitter account.

When the Blizzard’s newest hobby made national news, he started thinking bigger, like some media megalomaniac. He devised a plan to launch his own personal Web page with the help of his family. This is where his superiors — FYI: Williams is the puppet, Reinsdorf is the control freak in the shadows — decided to draw the line, recognizing a red-flag distraction when they see one. It seemed Guillen was becoming so full of himself, urged on by primitive Sox fans who like getting attention of any sort in Cubs-dominated Chicago, that he was putting his own ego and self-promotional blitz ahead of the ballclub he manages.

Mariotti has badmouthed Twitter before and would likely never stoop to using it, lest he appear to be an even bigger moron than he usually lets on. And I’m sure being referred to as “primitive” will sit real well with Sox fans. Mariotti has turned the act of burning bridges into an art form. And doesn’t he still live in Chicago? Not a wise move, Jay. I’m pretty sure Papa and Son Ligue are on the loose and wreaking havoc somewhere in Chicago as we speak and they don’t need any inspiration to beat the hell out of someone.

Mariotti continues his personal tirade against everything and anything related to the White Sox, even sneaking in a slam on the White Sox television analyst when addressing the resignation of Guillen’s son Oney from a job in the team’s video department last week amid more controversy :

The favorite pet expression of the team’s buffoonish TV broadcaster, Ken “Hawk” Harrelson, is “He gone!” Very quickly, after Reinsdorf and Williams called a meeting with Ozzie, Oney was gone. Guillen said last week that he told his son to resign, but his explanation over the weekend included an odd rant that seemed to be a passive-aggressive shot at his bosses.

Obviously, there is way too much spiteful bullshit and sanctimonious allusions to “I told you so’s” by Mariotti about the controversy Guillen often creates in this column to cover extensively, but essentially Mariotti continues to make it his personal mission to run Guillen out of town, something I suspect the residents of Chicago wished they would have done with this assclown long ago. I’m referring to Mariotti, of course.

In any event, Mariotti should probably just cut ties with the city and move on and irritate the residents of another town at this point anyway. What’s the point in staying now? There’s no way Mariotti will be allowed in the trendiest karaoke bars in the Windy City after this one.

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