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Instructor Busted For Alleged ‘Drunken Teaching’ Looks Like A Gym Teacher, Right?

She sure as hell looks like a female gym teacher: unkempt, rough (to put it nicely), with a tinge of unconcealed masculinity.  Because if she is (or was), that makes this story just tangentially-related enough to sports to warrant a post. If she isn’t – and a quick check of the website for Toro Canyon Middle School where she was teaching when she was arrested for teaching while drunk does not have her listed among the faculty in any department, so I could not confirm. Well, too late now – I guess going with it.

Above is 47-year-old Tonya Neff, who has been charged with felony child endangerment after she allegedly showed up at school to teach her 7th grade students drunk as a skunk.

Via The Smoking Gun:

Neff, 47, was taken to the nurses’s [sic] office by school staff while administrators called cops who seized a container of alcohol from the seventh grade teacher. She was then taken to a hospital for treatment before being booked into jail where she remains pending the posting of $345,000 bail.

Now, running with the theory that she was a gym teacher, is this really that big of a deal? How hard is to supervise a bunch of kids playing dodgeball while tying one on?

Further, have you ever spent an extended period of time with a room full of seventh graders? They should dispense Valium and flasks of whiskey in the teacher’s lounge. I’m surprised more teachers do not depend on the mood-altering, restorative powers of alcohol just to make it through the day.

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