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Playing Partner: Tiger Can Win The Masters If He Plays Like ‘Vintage’ Tiger

Justin Cook, a touring professional who played a couple of practice rounds last week at Tavistock Country Club, stated that Tiger was striking the ball as well as he ever has and if he plays like that at Augusta, he sees no reason why Tiger cannot win The Masters.

“From what I’ve seen the last three days with his ball-striking … first.

“I don’t see anybody hit the ball like he does. It was vintage. If he takes that game up there, I’d be hard-pressed to see anybody beating him.”

So, let me get this straight, if Tiger plays as well as he played when he won The Masters four other times, this Cook fellow believes he can win it again.

Mind blowing stuff. You could say the same thing about me. For example: “If Weed Against Speed brings a golf game similar to how ‘Vintage Tiger’ has played at Augusta the years he won The Masters, Weed Against Speed could very well win the whole damn tournament.”

The redundancy of that statement aside, what other insight does Cook have about Tiger, given he spent an extended period of time with him last week on the course, presumably a place Tiger would feel most at ease?

If you guessed that said insight could be summed up from a quote by “rocker” Sammy Hagar (I love when people refer to musicians as “rockers”), you would be correct:

“You could tell by his eyes there was something in there,” Cook said. “But I don’t need him to say anything to me. As (rocker) Sammy Hagar said – it’s my favorite quote of all-time – ‘What is understood doesn’t need to be discussed.’ … He’s not handcuffed around us. We don’t talk about what’s going on. We don’t want to know.”

Far out. At the same time, in light of the kinky shit Tiger was reportedly into while spending time with his ladyfriends, maybe there was a better way of illustrating that Tiger appeared to be at ease than going with the “he’s not handcuffed around us” line. Just a thought.

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