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Uh-Oh: Ben Roethlisberger Summoned To Principal’s Office


Nope, it’s never a good thing when Herr Goodell requests your immediate presence in his Chamber of Horrors, otherwise known as his office for official purposes.

No, settle down, Ben, I wrote “horrors,” not “whores,” you goddamn woodhead.

And worse yet for Roethlisberger, Mr. Goodell is taking what is going on in the quarterback’s personal life very, very seriously.

“First, I think the most important thing is that we take the issue very seriously,” Goodell said at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla. “We are very concerned that Ben continues to put himself in this position.”

Goodell revealed that he has spoken to Steelers president Art Rooney directly about the allegations, and the commissioner also plans to meet with Roethlisberger “at the appropriate time.”

Seriously, is there anything Roger Goodell does not take seriously? Seriously.

I imagine Goodell in line at the coffee shop giving the stink eye to the barista, simply to make it known that he’s well-aware of what she’s up to. Wait, who am I kidding? I reckon Goodell has a Venezuelan man-child chained up in his basement roasting beans as we speak.

Nevertheless, get yourself ready Big Ben, because you are about to be read the riot act. And Roger Dodger hasn’t had to bust out the whippin’ stick in some time. He’s going to be rusty – much like the barbed wire wrapped around said whippin’ stick. Not good.

Goodell plans to meet with Roethlisberger over allegations []