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It Might Be Time To Sign Up For Life Alert, Vin Scully

Vin Scully, despite feeling greatly “embarrassed over all the fuss” regarding the fall in his home and subsequent hospital stay was back at Dodgers training camp Sunday, sporting a dark, baseball-sized bruise on his elbow and five staples in the back of his noggin. Scully blamed the fall on a fit of coughing that roused him out of bed and when he got up to quickly, became dizzy. The next thing he knew, his wife was hovering over him calling 911.

In a brief interview, Scully expressed gratitude for the tremendous outpouring of support and well wishes.

“I do appreciate that immensely and humbly, and I guess that’s why I’m embarrassed to put them through anything at all, especially when it was so simple and harmless.”

Simple and harmless, Mr. Scully? I think not. Imagine how much worse it could have been had your wife been out with friends doing, I don’t know, closing down a dive bar or something. Scully may have bled right out there, alone on the marble floor.

That is why I recommend Scully look into investing in the Life Alert program. We don’t need another Mrs. Fletcher on our hands (yes, I am aware that is LifeCall, not Life Alert – same difference). And just like the lady says in the commercial (which they spell out on the screen for some unknown reason), “All. senior. citizens. should. have. Life. Alert.” So there, Vin. Listen up – Major League Baseball needs you know more than ever.

Even C. Everett Coop wears one, for crying out loud. So should you, Vin.

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