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Site News: Plumbers, Garbage Disposals And Modem Meltdowns

Hello, everyone. I conveniently scheduled some plumbing repairs (new kitchen sink installation, garbage disposal, etc.) for today so that I could take the day off and watch my Gophers half-ass their way through a loss to Xavier (bastards), thinking I could write from home.

Unfortunately, my modem from the cable company finally fried but I was unable to go to Best Buy to purchase a new modem until the plumber was finished with the work – by the way, the plumber was a great guy and very skilled, but thankfully, no plumber butt was seen in my home today but I can say with complete confidence that it wouldn’t have looked as good as how it is depicted in the above photo. He must have purchased his work clothes at the Duluth Trading Company.

So, once the sink and garbage disposal had been installed, I went to Best Buy and purchased a new modem and wireless router. After dropping two hundred and seventy-nine friggin’ bucks between the two (I can’t help myself – there I am, staring blankly at the different router options, going, “Oooh. Dual-Bank Wireless N! That sounds pretty high tech. Although this one for $79 over here would do the trick, how much better is a router with dual band going to be? That’s two bands, whatever that means. Plus it’s $169.00 – it will work $90 better! It’s a no-brainer, really), here I am, up and running again.

At this point, it would be foolish to begin writing for the day, so I am shutting down the Sportress for the day. Which makes a lot of sense considering the day is pretty much a lost cause at this point anyway. I might have a special treat for y’all later in the day, but who knows? I’m lazy and already on my third screwdriver. Nice.

But do not fret. I still haven’t been fired by NBC Sports – I know, shocking – so you can catch my tired shtick over at Out of Bounds this weekend.

Have a great weekend, folks. Enjoy the games. See you on the flipside.