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Beatriz Recari Likes Me, She Really Likes Me!

Who says cool things can’t ever happen to lowly sports bloggers?

A couple of days ago, I (with my tongue firmly planted in cheek, of course) took all the credit for the lovely Beatriz Recari qualifying for the Mojo 6 golf tournament after she won the online vote which gave her the coveted 16th and final spot.

Obviously, I didn’t expect anything in return for my efforts, which at its core was simply a case of creepy internet pseudo-stalking. As I’m sure you agree, Beatriz is a gorgeous and talented golfer and I was only doing my part to increase her profile.

But guess what just happened to land in my inbox this morning? An e-mail from Bea’s agent with a link to a video Bea prepared specifically for little old me thanking me for my support. How awesome is that? It certainly made me smile.

Video follows.

Did you hear that? How she actually said “Sportress of Blogitude” in that ambrosial Spanish accent?

Be still, my beating heart.

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